Saghi Zafaranieh

Saghi has been playing paintball passionately in Iran since 2006.

a place where playing any seriously sport for young women doesn’t come without its pitfalls and sacrifices .She is charming, outgoing, very sociable and an educated young lady. When it comes to being serious she is as serious and dedicated as anyone you might meet.Since in her home country paintball for women leaves a lot to de desired, Saghi has been travelling around the world, finding teams where she can play some serious paintball.In April she attended the Millennium Series 2016: European Paintball Series Spain - Barcelona Costa Dorada, playing in Division one with the famous all ladies team “Poison Ivy.”With teams like Poison Ivy playing head to head with their counterparts, we can emphasize to the sports world, outside paintball, how balanced and well controlled our games are and how family oriented paintball really is. We put some questions to Saghi about her world:

How did you hook up with Poison Ivy?

I think I first met the girls at world cup Asia playing division one and I was quite impressed with how they play and then I got to know them better in All girls paintball cup in Moscow . I was impressed by how they are dedicated to this sport which is my passion and that’s why I became an Ivy fan. I was a guest for their team in World cup Asia 2015. And after that tournament I became an official member of the team.

How has it been for you playing with them?

I can say we’re 3 Norwegians , one Swedish , one British , one French and Me on the team . Quite a multinational team ! But the interaction in and off the field has been great. It may be a little bit hard fitting in an old team but then again we all have one goal and that makes us overcome any problem.

What is the best quality about this particular team that made you choose them?

Their dedication for the sport of paintball and acting so professional in every aspect.

Which position do you like to play?

I’ve played in all positions but I can say dorito forward is my favorite.

Do you think that their play has helped your paintball experience?

Of course it has helped. Paintball is all about practice, playing more games and experience. Playing Millennium series with this team is a motivation for me which makes me want to grow as a player more and more.

Any favorite player on the team rooster?

They’re all my favorites.

Would you like to meet up with your Poison Ivy team mates to go on a vacation together, like meet up and have non paintball fun?

Your team becomes your family and your teammates become your best friends and sisters. You’ll have the most fun with.

Has there been any woman paintball player in your mind that you have idolized?

I don’t think “idol” would be a good word for this, But every successful player and team (In my mind poison ivy has been the most successful all girls team) made me want to follow their path.

Would you say that woman players can be as aggressive on the field as men players?

We can’t ignore the truth that women and men have different physics. But paintball is all about being fit, fast, clever in the game, skilled and practicing. We’ve already moved up to division one and we’re the only all girls team in our division but there is no limit for us.

Do you think that the reffs on the field have the tendency to be a little “less hard” on the ladies?

Not at all. I can say sometimes they’re even harder on us. Some of them give us big penalties and the come to us saying that we have to apply the same rules to you, which saying that even means they’re more accurate and harsh on us.

Do you think that woman reffs could be good at making judgments in major tournaments?

Trust me they can even be better than men. I, myself, have judged many tournaments and there was nothing complicated for me.

Is there a message to young women who want to play paintball in the Middle East?

Go after your passion. Do what you like. You’re unstoppable. People might disappoint you, you might fail in your journey but nothing should stop you. You may lose something good but you may gain something better.

How old are you?

24 (Jan 1992)

Any Nicknames?

My teammates have named me MULAN. Because of the period I was the only girl training with my team back in my country.

When and where did you discover paintball?

It was early 2006 which I went to play paintball for fun in Enghelab Sport Complex and I fell in love with it at the first point. Then I started searching on YouTube for paintball that I realized the pro paintball. I started asking if there are any teams available in my country. Then I Met team Datis and started training with them and played my first international tournament in 2006.

What sports do you play other than paintball?

I play tennis league in my country. I spend the most of my winter time Snowboarding (Before It was Skiing) in the mountains. I used to play basketball for my university team. Overall I enjoy playing a lot of sports and the only sport that I’m not really good at is volleyball.

In the order of your passion for the sport which would you put first and which last?

I’m a fitness and tennis instructor. I’ve studied Masters of sports physiology. I’m goanna continue my studying and have a lot in my mind for getting more professional in my field of work.

Which is your most favorite paintball team in the world?

My teams come first (Poison Ivy & Datis). And I’ve always liked Dynasty.

Will paintball ever be big?

Like every other extreme (action) sport it will take time but it has the potential to be bigger than many other sports.

Favorite movie?

I don’t really have a favorite. What is good is good to me. It just depends on my mood.

Favorite music?

I really enjoy Pink Floyd’s music whenever I hear it.

Favorite food?

I like food. Ha ha Maybe Pasta and steak are my favorites.

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