Division 1

Team Datis, win back their chance for the overall PALM-IRAN paintball series championships 2016.

In an unexpected turn of events for those following the PALM series 2016, team Datis, four times Asia champions met Aryman, captained and coached by Reza Badrian, former Datis player, in the semifinals.All thought we had all expected to see these two teams in the finals of this round of events, it did not happen, perhaps for a good strategic reason? Had Datis calculated to meet Aryman in the semis instead of the finals? Well indeed it had to be the case, because by beating Aryman in the semi round, making Aryman take third place, they managed to take first place against team Riborn in the finals that put them in a point position of 444. Aryman took in third place with 105 points, which made their total only a mere 5 points ahead of Datis with 449, making the 4th leg either team’s championship.If Aryamn had taken the lead in this third leg they would have been comfortably in reach of the 2016 championships even if they would have taken second place in the fourth leg.The match itself was a game to see, even though the final score was 5-1 in favor of Datis, Each game was action packed and thrilling to watch. Without doubt, Datis was more prepared and they managed to win with a better overall strategy.Now we all look forward to the 4th leg, where either team could become the 2016 champion.

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